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Quick Installation Guide
INCONEL Vortex Flow Meters are designed to operate under the most severe conditions. However, to obtain stable and accurate operation for many years, following instructions must be followed in selection of an installation site:
  • Sufficient Upstream & Downstream straight pipe length :

    Upstream and downstream pipe I.D. (Inner Diameter) must be equal to the physical or factory programmed meter ID. The upstream unobstructed straight pipe length must be at least 20D and downstream unobstructed straight pipe length must be at least 5D for better accuracy.

  • Valves:

    Upstream valves can be Gate valve or Ball valve. All upstream valves must be kept fully opened.

    Never use Butterfly valves on upstream side of VFM. If unavoidable then keep upstream straight pipe length of 100D or more for steady & correct flow measurement.

    If flow needs to be controlled, it should be done by a valve which is on downstream side of flow meter.

  • Ambient Temperature:

    Install in an area where ambient temperature is between 0˚ to 60˚ C. If selected site is subjected to heat radiation from the process plant; ensure adequate heat protection and ventilation.

  • Ambient Environment:

    Avoid installing the vortex flow meter in an environment with corrosive conditions. In case if it has to be installed in a corrosive environment, then proper care should be taken.

  • Mechanical Vibration and Impact:

    The site should be free from mechanical vibrations and impacts as far as possible or else at least anchor the pipeline to secured support to avoid damage from mechanical vibrations.

  • Installation in desired orientation:

    For gases, the Flow Meter can be installed in any desired orientation, may it be inclined or vertical along the direction of flow.

    For liquids, in the case of inclined line or vertical line, direction of flow must be from bottom to top only or separation of flow will occur, leading to erroneous readings.

  • Overhead Clearance for Installation:

    Provide sufficient space around the meter for ease of installation. It is recommended that at least 1500mm overhead clearance should be available for ease of wiring.